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Volumetrix Turns 10

February 01, 2017

Volumetrix Turns 10

Rewind to February 2007 when George W Bush and Tony Blair were governing the US & the UK. The Departed won four Oscars, The Dixie Chicks dominated the Grammys and Britney Spears shaved her head.

In editing news, we were busy working with the universal binaries of the first Final Cut Pro Studio. Final Cut Pro 6 (Studio 2) didn’t arrive until NAB.

February 2007 was also the month that the popular volumetric light spill plugin Volumetrix from Idustrial Revolution was born.

Until that day, FCP users could not get those gorgeous, deep rays and glows that are now ‘go to’ effects to liven up text and logos in productions ranging from SD home videos, to corporate logos, to 4K movie film titles.

Constructed within FxFactory, the plugin was designed to maximise the GPU, not the CPU as was the case of the existing FCP products on the market. It rendered damn fast at a very high quality too. The plugin was initially available for FCP, Motion, and (if you remember it) Final Cut Express!

Volumetrix 2 brought many new features such as glints and distorts and your animations could now go in any of 360 directions instead of 4. Further updates brought compatibility with Adobe’s After Effects and later after the makeover, Premiere on the Mac. 

We even gave it a tweak at the end of November ’15 by adding some new presets to highlight text.



10 years and thousands of customers later, we are proud that this plugin is now the longest serving 3rd party product in the Fxfactory line up.


Still not convinced? Well, you can download the Volumetrix free trial to peruse the 70 one-click presets or design your own reveals and highlights using the rays, glows, glints and distorts.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our beta testers, reviewers, evangelists and more importantly all our customers for making Volumetrix a great success over 10 years. It was indeed the start of an Idustrial Revolution.

So where will Volumetrix be in another 10 years’ time? Still going strong we hope. 


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