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New Plugins for Final Cut Pro X - XEffects 3D Sports Graphics

January 26, 2018

New Plugins for Final Cut Pro X - XEffects 3D Sports Graphics

Our first Sports Plugin for Final Cut Pro X has proved to be pretty successful since its launch in 2015. It’s been used on productions from broadcast news reports to sports day videos at schools & colleges and possibly everything in-between! 

So when we got a special request from a customer, we took notice.

Sports Graphics template plugins for Final Cut Pro X

They had been using the ‘on-trend flat design’ of the original version of Sports Graphics for a couple of years, but had a new programme in development that needed a glossier, 3D look.

So after quite a bit of research, development and to be honest, numerous late nights and lots of strong coffee hunched over laptops, we’ve proudly just released XEffects 3D Sports Graphics. The video is posted below.

The concept is the same, a set of Sports Graphics that combine to fulfil the need of displaying, fixtures, teams, in play graphics, results and of course, name supers and associated locators and tags.

Final Cut Pro X XEffects 3D Sports Graphics Templates FCPX

What is different is the look. The main component of the graphics is a set of 3D bars that can be globally adjusted for width and depth. Select any number between 1 and 12 bars. Need to display more? No problem, bars can be displayed on their own so multiple pages can be cascaded on after each other.

We have also added some panel backgrounds for text such as bullet points and different sized video or image panels that all have the same animations on and off. Everything should match, we have included 10 selectable colour palettes, but as with our other plugins, we always offer the choice of selecting your own so you can match a team’s colours or corporate look.

We think they look pretty cool and at $49 (discounted to $39 until Feb 6th) they add a lot of professional design and gloss to your edits. Cool enough that they don’t have to be used just for sports!

XEffects 3D Sports Graphics for Final Cut Pro X

Now would anybody like a 3D News Graphics package? 


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