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XEffects Snapshots is a media rich template plugin with a unique onscreen 3D animation control system. Snapshot automatically freezes video, inserts it into a frame and positions it onto a background in 3D space. All with just a couple of clicks.


Applying Snapshots to footage adds an instant level of professional design and class. Display a single image for impact, or string a succession of Snapshots together to make a montage or title sequence.


Snapshots is easy to use. Razor blade where you want the footage to freeze, choose a frame (add text if you wish) choose a background, set the beginning and start points in 3D by using the onscreen controls, then hit play!


Snapshots comes supplied with over a 100 sample templates that you can drag & drop onto your footage. Use these out of the box, adjust to suit, or build your own from a choice of over 60 hand designed frames or 38 backgrounds. That's over 2,200 different combinations! Select the Dropzone option to use your own backgrounds.


Snapshots makes it easy to:

  • Construct a broadcast title sequence or enliven end credits
  • Punctuate a corporate video with product shots
  • Introduce a speaker on screen
  • Build a wedding, family or product slide show

Snapshots has a unique set of onscreen controls. 

In the centre you will find size, rotation and position adjustments for the still image, along with a frame adjustment control for X & Y position and Z rotation of the composite. That includes the text!


On either side of the frame are are set of rotary controls, on the left is the start position and on the right is the finish. These can be adjusted to alter the X,Y & Z angle and position in Z space.


Further controls can be found in the inspector such as delaying the animation, stopping the animation before the end of the clip and the acceleration curve.


$99 buys you the 107 effects in the pack, which works out at less than a dollar a template! We have also included four free transitions that act as camera shutters. You can test out the Snapshots on your FCPX projects by downloading the watermarked trial for free. Go ahead, try them out!


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Snapshots GUI 2


8 way build Snapshots


price$99 buys a pack with over 100 different pre-built templates. Great value at under a dollar a Snapshot!  helpFive onscreen help pages describe every control and list every parameter watermarkWatermarked trial so you can try out how fast & flexible Snapshots is within FCPX
no-keyframeNo keyframing needed, just set the start and end positions onscreen. Then hit play! guiSnapshots has the most advanced onscreen 3D controls of any plugin. Tweak the OSCs with instant feedback stopwatchStart the move late or finish the move early on the clip and adjust the acceleration curve


X5 toolkit- grid 01

X5 toolkit- grid 02

X5 toolkit- grid 03

X5 toolkit- grid 04

X5 toolkit- grid 05

X5 toolkit- grid 06

X5 toolkit- grid 07

X5 toolkit- grid 08

X5 toolkit- grid 09

X5 toolkit- grid 10

X5 toolkit- grid 11

X5 toolkit- grid 12


Demo: XEffects Snapshots in Action



In this demo video from Noise Industries, we run through how fast and flexible Snapshots can be within Final Cut Pro X





Hosts Supported

System Requirements


Final Cut Pro X  (FCPX 10.1.1 or higher)


Mac OS X Mavericks

Version 10.9


FxFactory 4.1.7

(No purchase neccessary)


1 Click on the download link


2 Install FxFactory  (No purchase is necessary to run XEffects Snapshots)


3 Restart Final Cut Pro X 


4 Find XEffects Snapshots in the effects & titles of the effects browser. All 111 effects can be viewed by looking at Snapshots under Themes.



Sorry but these effects will not run in previous versions of Final Cut Pro e.g 6 & 7



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