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XEffects 3D Style Transitions for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)




XEffects 3D Transitions are 26 effects for Final Cut Pro X all built in 3D space with camera moves, variable focal lengths, shallow depth of field, lighting and reflections.


Gorgeous glossy transitions all animating with 3D depth that make other effects look rather flat. We say 26 effects, but if we broke the presets down individually, there would be well over 100 different different transitions in the pack!


By harnessing the power of Motion, we have been able to construct all the effects in a 3D environment and thus bring the camera controls and more to the editor. A page turn now looks like a realistic page turn.


Variable focal length allows the control of the 3D depth of the effect. Adjustable depth of field gives the user a choice of defocusing near and far edges or keeping everything pin sharp.


Directional lighting adds to the photo realism of the transitions as do fully adjustable reflections.


$49 buys you the 26 effects in the pack or you can test out the transitions on your projects by downloading the watermarked trial for free.

8 build_3DTRans


3dAll Transitions are built in a 3D environment  focalAdjustable focal length allows user to control the 3D depth of the transition just like a real camera reflectionAdjustable reflections add to 3D experience and increases photo realism
dofAdjustable depth of field gives photo realism to transitions. Near or far depths and amount can be controlled
plus-purpleOver 100 preloaded presets to get started or tweak the effect for your own style dollar$49 buys a pack of 26 transitions for delivery by instant download.  Restricted watermark period in free trial


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Tutorial: XEffects 3D Transitions in FCPX

2 New Effects added 1/12/2012

In this tutorial we look at using 3D Transitions within Final Cut Pro X. See how all the effects are built in a 3D environment for a photo realistic look. Adjust the camera focal length, lighting, depth of field and reflections  to get exactly the realistic 3D transition you want.

This update to XEffects 3D Transitions brings two new effects to the pack. Big Inside Corner makes a transition as if you are inside a cube and Box Roll Split takes the popular Box Roll and splits it in half with each section revolving in opposite directions.


This is a free upgrade to all existing customers with XEffects 3D Transitions licences.


Hosts Supported

System Requirements


Final Cut Pro X  (FCPX 10.0.6)

(Or above)

Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion / Mavericks

Version 10.7/10.8/10.9


FxFactory 4 or higher

(No purchase neccessary)


1 Click on the download link


2 Install FxFactory  (No purchase is necessary to run XEffects 3DTransitions)


3 Restart Final Cut Pro X 


4 Find the XEffects 3D Transitions in the transition tab of the media inspector



Sorry but these effects will not run in previous versions of Final Cut Pro e.g 6 & 7



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