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Volumetrix 2.2 Gets 5 New Text Highlighting Presets  NOW 20% OFF


By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen (and hopefully used on your own projects) the gorgeous light rays that Volumetrix brings to text, images and video. Indeed, the first light sweep in the demo video is a classic Volumetrix reveal using true volumetric lighting and a touch of glow as well. Make sure you watch in pin sharp 4K!






Since its release almost 10 years ago, the plugin has been hugely popular. Last week however, I tried to do something with Volumetrix, only to realise that I hadn’t written a preset that was good enough for what I wanted! I decided to change that, because if I wanted the effect, then I’m sure customers would want to do the same as well. Yes, a rare breed, a working FCPX editor that uses their own products, I have no one to blame except myself!


What was I trying to do? Highlight a telephone number.


We have all made commercials where we have had to place a telephone number on screen that gets read out by a voiceover. Rather than it just sit there, I thought it would be good to attract the viewers’ attention to the number by running a highlight across.


There are many great different preset effects in Volumetrix, but they are all a bit too over the top for highlighting text. The main problem was the range or width that the effect treated was too wide.


So after a good few hours of head-scratching and tweaking, I’ve built a set of 5 extra presets especially for emphasising text. They are built as transitions as this is the quickest way to time the light sweep, glint or rays to perfection.


Highlight Build Web Demo IR 1170


Just razor blade the text graphics and apply the transition between the two clips. Final Cut Pro X always specifies the transition midpoint to be the junction between clips. No start or finish at the edit point like FCP7.


So simply slide the transition to where you want the highlight and adjust the length to match by entering a duration in the timecode window after pressing CMD D.


 volumetrix screen shot 2 IR 1170


By default, all the text highlighters have the angle set to 0 Degrees, running left to right. If you edit using a RTL language, no problem, just make the the angle 180 degrees and you will get the same effect going in the opposite direction.


The video features a telephone number made with the Custom 3D Title in Final Cut Pro X so that you can see what it does to a fairly simple title.



A couple of things to note here:

  • As the effects are built as transitions, the effect happens across the whole frame. So if your text effect is only half the width of the picture, then you won’t see the effect happen until the wipe travels across to the text.
  • Secondly, the effects are designed for 1920 x 1080 pixels. Of course they will work at full crisp UHD or 4K resolution, but the width of the effect will be need to be increased to replicate the exact look. In fact, making the promo, we were quite shocked how fast the big volumetric rays rendered in 4K.


Don’t forget as Volumetrix was made using Quartz Composer, not only will you get faster and sharper rendering than any Motion template built plugin, the effects will also run in Motion, Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects.


So I hope you enjoy the new presets & effects. Use them straight out of the box (or should I say straight out of the installer), or tweak the many parameters to get the exact look you are after.


Limited Time 20% Discount and Free Trial!


The big news is that to celebrate the update, we have decided to offer a 20% discount on Volumetrix until Sunday 22nd of November 2015. You can also experience Volumetrix’s range of awesome lighting effects by installing the free watermarked trial.


Peter Wiggins    17th November 2015


Friday, 08 March 2013 16:26

Camera Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

camera transitionsWe have just launched XEffects Camera Transitions for Final Cut Pro X and already they have proved to be very popular.

We had a variety of these effects already built way back when the timeline rendering in FCPX was extremely slow. So with a quick dust off and the addition of some fresh effects, we decided to wrap them up into a pack for customers.

We have already had some amazing feedback from users and it is a pack that we shall continue to add to.

To answer some of the questions we have had regarding the promo shoot, we shot on a Canon C300 and a couple of 5D MkIIs. All were set to flat picture styles which we tweaked in FCPX on the colourboard. The Nikon in the promo is an F2AS which we very kindly borrowed from a friend and is in full working order and very collectable!

Download the free XEffects Camera Transitions trial. 




The main XEffects Camera Transitions demo.














Sometimes demo videos look confusing. What effect is happening where? Is that an effect or a camera move? Is that included in the pack?

This video shows the demo video with a splitscreen with the shots without the transitions. The Motordrives and Photo Booth effects are one instance of the effects, not multiples. A great way to see exactly what you get for the money.











The official Noise Industries tutorial on Camera Transitions














 A great user review and tutorial from Dan Allen.















 And finally, just to prove that on shoots, not everything goes as planned!

Thursday, 13 December 2012 16:27

Great News for Snow Leopard Users

XEffects Snow_LeopardDue to popular request, we have made XEffects Tech Transitions & 3D Transitions available for use with Snow Leopard.

We understand that many users can't upgrade instantly to the latest and greatest version of Mac OS, but they still want to use great effects. That is why we have made two standalone instances of our very popular Final Cut Pro X only plugins.

To get these two plugins running on Snow Leopard, first install FxFactory 3.0.4

Then download & install the individual plugins.

Download XEffects Tech Transitions

Download XEffects 3D Transitions

Restart FCPX and enjoy the plugins!





XEFFECTS2 FCPX_2NEW_2We've expanded XEffects 3D Transitions with two great new effects. They come with the usual camera options you would expect from this popular pack of plugins such as focal length, depth of field and lighting. 


Box Roll Split has taken the popular Box Roll effect and split it in half!  Each section rotates in a different direction to rejoin for the incoming video. The direction and number of spins can be changed by selecting one of the presets

Big Inside Corner rotates the video as if you were on the inside of a big cube looking at the internal faces. Four presets are offered for left, right, down & up

Keep an eye on this $49 pack of transitions for FCPX as we have more to add in the future.

Download XEffects 3D Transitions installer.






These two best selling plugins are now available in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 OSX

Volumetrix and ParticleMetrix have been best sellers on the Final Cut Pro, FCPX and Motion platforms. We can now announce that both plugins are available for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on the Mac. The best news is that this is a free upgrade for all existing licence holders. If you are one of the FCP7 switchers to Premiere then you can welcome these great effects back at no extra price.


vx-icon 128_wVolumetrix is a $49 light spill plugin that adds rays, glows, glints and distorts to footage and graphics. Volumetrix produces stunning light effects & transitions by unleashing the power of the graphics card and FXPlug technology. Effects that would take many hours of keyframing and then rendering are now available to use within seconds.

Volumetrix Product Page


BUY NOW $49 (One licence for all hosts)

8 build_Volumetrix_FCPX


px-icon 128_wParticleMetrix is a $99 plugin that converts graphics and footage into particles. Explode video into stars or burn it up into smoke. Write on text with glitter or dissolve objects into bubbles. Add sparkle to transitions, or shatter into pixels. All are one click away with ParticleMetrix.

ParticleMetrix Product page


BUY NOW $99 (One licence for all hosts)

8 build_Particlemtrix_FCPX


If you are a blogger, send us an email if you would like to review Volumetrix and ParticleMetrix . More press media can be found in our Press Area. 

If you are an Adobe or Apple Certified Trainer, then please contact us as you qualify for a free NFR licence.


XEffects 3D_Transitions_PressWe are very proud to announce that out latest product for Final Cut Pro X has been released. XEffects 3D Transitions is a $49 pack of over 100 presets bundled into 24 different plugins. Use the presets straight out of the box, or tweak them for your own look.

Go to the XEffects 3D Transitions product page.

We have spent a lot of time getting these transitions right and we believe they make similar products look very flat in comparison. Let's face it, if something moves in 3D would you not expect the lighting and reflections to change? A working copy was finished in March but it wasn't the last few months of fine tuning were these great effects ready for the market. There's some clever stuff going on in there! It is also a collection we can see adding to as we have some great ideas to expand this pack.

Even before the official launch this plugin pack has been super-successful, so thank you to everybody involved in getting this great pack of effects to market.

If you are a blogger, send us an email if you would like to review XEffects 3D Transitions. Also more press media can be found in our Press Area. 


Volumetrix 2_1_pressWe are pleased to announce that we have updated the very popular, flexible and creative Volumetrix light spill plugin to version 2.1.

The previous version supported Final Cut Pro X, but everybody asked us if we could build all the cool presets from FCP7 into effects. So that's exactly what we have done: all 64 of them, transitions too.

Volumetrix still supports Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4&5, Final Cut Express 4 and Adobe After Effects with one licence working for all hosts. The best news is that the 2.1 upgrade is free to all existing licence holders.

If you already use Volumetrix, then you'll know that the rays, glows, glints and object transparency are all controlled by one easy to use parameter. No hassle having to mask the object underneath the effect, we do all the hard work for you. The wipe, rays or glow travel are set by one rotary parameter giving a full 360 degree choice of effect direction.

If you haven't tried it before, you can instantly get great volumetric lighting effects with one click by adding a preset to text, images and video or use the effect as a starting point for your own custom reveal, conceal or highlight. We also decided to publish all the plugin parameters in each effect, so every timing, display option and volumetric light type can be adjusted without having to load up another preset.

Volumetrix is bundled into the free FxFactory installer and will work for free as a watermarked trial. If you're from the press or an industry blogger and would like a licence, please let us know by emailing info (at) Press information and images can be found in our Press Area.


Volumetrix 2-for-site

crosshair UtubeWe have added two new effects to XEffects Tech Transitions in the recent May 2012 update.  Bringing the pack up from 28 effects to 30, we have added Crosshair Wipe and UTube Buffer. This is a free upgrade to all existing XEffects Tech Transitions customers.

Crosshair Wipe is a great way to transition between video or to reveal or conceal overlaid graphics. The size, colour and drop shadow of the line can be adjusted in the inspector. A four way drop down menu gives the editor a choice of wipe travel direction.

UTube Buffer simulates the pause and buffering of popular video sharing websites. The outgoing video freezes, the rotating circle animation then reveals the incoming clip. The dimming of the paused videos and size & speed of the animating circles can be adjusted in the effect inspector.

XEffects Tech Transitions is priced at $49 and is designed only for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

Download XEffects Tech Transitions installer.


Monday, 02 January 2012 00:00

The New Website is Live!

New-Website2It has taken us a long time in the planning and execution, but we are now very pleased to say that the new Idustrial Revolution website is up and running!

The old website just wasn't flexible enough for us to be able to expand into selling our exciting new range of XEffects for FCPX, so it had to go. It's a bit like trading in your old car for a brand new model. You're excited about the new one, but in a way, sad that you are saying goodbye to an old friend that served you well.

Websites have changed a lot in the 5 years since we first started the site and our new design will hopefully be easier to navigate and be able to display more products in a clearer way in customer's browsers.

We've gone big and media rich. This might not suit everybody's download speed, but we are working on the assumption that if you are interested in FCP/FCPX plugins and editing then the chances are you're not on dialup! We are also not perfect and should you come across any issues with the new site such as broken links then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the about page. You can contact us via numerous means, the best one being the email address on the about page.

Please come back to us often, we intend to maximise the creative potential Final Cut Pro X and Motion can bring to customers' videos buy launching fresh and creative new products on a regular basis.

We'd also like to say a quick thank you to our superb web team, Sameer who does the arty stuff and David who spends many hours making sure his pixels line up the way they were designed.

Lastly we wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to an exciting time in the editing community and FCP ecosystem.

Sunday, 01 January 2012 00:00

Welcome to XEffects

what are_XEffectsWhat are XEffects?

XEffects is the brand name we've given our new product line of effects for Final Cut Pro X. When FCPX was launched last June, the ability to build custom effects in Motion 5 and export them to Final Cut opened up a whole new exciting world to us. We've been busy ever since.

Tech Transitions is our first product especially for Final Cut Pro X, the second is almost ready to go, the third is in good shape and we already have tested out functionality in the fourth. So as you might be able to tell it is going to be a busy time getting these exciting new products ready for market.

We've got many more effects planned for the future, but we are more than happy to recieve ideas, improvements or any bugs you might encounter using our products. 

Go to XEffects Tech Transitions product page.


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