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Volumetrix and ParticleMetrix now available for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6



These two best selling plugins are now available in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 OSX

Volumetrix and ParticleMetrix have been best sellers on the Final Cut Pro, FCPX and Motion platforms. We can now announce that both plugins are available for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on the Mac. The best news is that this is a free upgrade for all existing licence holders. If you are one of the FCP7 switchers to Premiere then you can welcome these great effects back at no extra price.


vx-icon 128_wVolumetrix is a $49 light spill plugin that adds rays, glows, glints and distorts to footage and graphics. Volumetrix produces stunning light effects & transitions by unleashing the power of the graphics card and FXPlug technology. Effects that would take many hours of keyframing and then rendering are now available to use within seconds.

Volumetrix Product Page


BUY NOW $49 (One licence for all hosts)

8 build_Volumetrix_FCPX


px-icon 128_wParticleMetrix is a $99 plugin that converts graphics and footage into particles. Explode video into stars or burn it up into smoke. Write on text with glitter or dissolve objects into bubbles. Add sparkle to transitions, or shatter into pixels. All are one click away with ParticleMetrix.

ParticleMetrix Product page


BUY NOW $99 (One licence for all hosts)

8 build_Particlemtrix_FCPX


If you are a blogger, send us an email if you would like to review Volumetrix and ParticleMetrix . More press media can be found in our Press Area. 

If you are an Adobe or Apple Certified Trainer, then please contact us as you qualify for a free NFR licence.


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