The free XEffects published here use the Motion Template Tool from Andreas Kiel to install into the correct place on your Mac. If you haven't got MTT installed on your machine, then click MTT to download the app.

Once MTT is installed, all you have to do is click on the icon once the disk image of the effect has been downloaded. Here you can see the Flare Lights MTT file highlighted on the right. You can of course put the effects in the correct folder yourself.

We take care to ensure that the plugins uploaded to this site are of high quality, originated by us and contain no code or media that should harm a user's computer. However, as with all software, we recommend that you don't load up your Mac with new products mid project and we accept no responsibility for any losses.

Commercial plugin products on this site (e.g. Volumetrix) are distributed via the plugin management system FxFactory. 




We love designing free plugins and publishing them for people to use. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous companies out there who like to download free effects and with the aid of some slick marketing, republish them as commercial products. Therefore, although these effects are free to download, free to install and free to use on whatever production you wish, even broadcast:

You may not:

1) Upload the effect plugin, disk image or zip file to any third party site.

2) Modify the effect and republish on any third party site.

3) Incorporate the Motion layers into other effects.

4) Use any part of the downloaded free effects from this site in any commercial product effect, plugin or template without the prior permission of Idustrial Revolution.

We hope you understand our feelings on the above as we want to keep releasing new free plugins to the FCPX community. 

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