Multiple and Single Panel 3D Video Walls for Final Cut Pro X  


Dynamic boxed text and side panel annotations for Final Cut Pro X  


 34 Social Media templates for Final Cut Pro X  


Instant Message style templates for Final Cut Pro X  



Finding Final Cut Pro X Libraries in the Finder with Smart Folders 


I like to tinker and this tutorial was a result of sitting down and working out how to do something that I thought was possible. It took me a while to find that button (Yes other people have copied the technique for their tutorials) but in the end, smart folders work a treat locating all those long lost Final Cut Pro X Libraries.


Hope that saves you some time! 





 Volumetrix 20 percent off


Volumetrix 2.2 Gets 5 New Text Highlighting Presets  NOW 20% OFF


By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen (and hopefully used on your own projects) the gorgeous light rays that Volumetrix brings to text, images and video. Indeed, the first light sweep in the demo video is a classic Volumetrix reveal using true volumetric lighting and a touch of glow as well. Make sure you watch in pin sharp 4K!






Since its release almost 10 years ago, the plugin has been hugely popular. Last week however, I tried to do something with Volumetrix, only to realise that I hadn’t written a preset that was good enough for what I wanted! I decided to change that, because if I wanted the effect, then I’m sure customers would want to do the same as well. Yes, a rare breed, a working FCPX editor that uses their own products, I have no one to blame except myself!


What was I trying to do? Highlight a telephone number.


We have all made commercials where we have had to place a telephone number on screen that gets read out by a voiceover. Rather than it just sit there, I thought it would be good to attract the viewers’ attention to the number by running a highlight across.


There are many great different preset effects in Volumetrix, but they are all a bit too over the top for highlighting text. The main problem was the range or width that the effect treated was too wide.


So after a good few hours of head-scratching and tweaking, I’ve built a set of 5 extra presets especially for emphasising text. They are built as transitions as this is the quickest way to time the light sweep, glint or rays to perfection.


Highlight Build Web Demo IR 1170


Just razor blade the text graphics and apply the transition between the two clips. Final Cut Pro X always specifies the transition midpoint to be the junction between clips. No start or finish at the edit point like FCP7.


So simply slide the transition to where you want the highlight and adjust the length to match by entering a duration in the timecode window after pressing CMD D.


 volumetrix screen shot 2 IR 1170


By default, all the text highlighters have the angle set to 0 Degrees, running left to right. If you edit using a RTL language, no problem, just make the the angle 180 degrees and you will get the same effect going in the opposite direction.


The video features a telephone number made with the Custom 3D Title in Final Cut Pro X so that you can see what it does to a fairly simple title.



A couple of things to note here:

  • As the effects are built as transitions, the effect happens across the whole frame. So if your text effect is only half the width of the picture, then you won’t see the effect happen until the wipe travels across to the text.
  • Secondly, the effects are designed for 1920 x 1080 pixels. Of course they will work at full crisp UHD or 4K resolution, but the width of the effect will be need to be increased to replicate the exact look. In fact, making the promo, we were quite shocked how fast the big volumetric rays rendered in 4K.


Don’t forget as Volumetrix was made using Quartz Composer, not only will you get faster and sharper rendering than any Motion template built plugin, the effects will also run in Motion, Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects.


So I hope you enjoy the new presets & effects. Use them straight out of the box (or should I say straight out of the installer), or tweak the many parameters to get the exact look you are after.


Limited Time 20% Discount and Free Trial!


The big news is that to celebrate the update, we have decided to offer a 20% discount on Volumetrix until Sunday 22nd of November 2015. You can also experience Volumetrix’s range of awesome lighting effects by installing the free watermarked trial.


Peter Wiggins    17th November 2015


Flat style stackable news graphics templates for Final Cut Pro X  


XEffects Audio Fades

Free Audio Fade plugins for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

XEffects Audio Fades are a set of free audio fade plugins for Final Cut Pro X that when applied to a clip or audio components of a clip, automatically apply audio fade handles. 

Audio isn't Final Cut Pro X's strongest point and we all know that there is no easy way to execute an audio fade between two clips. This set of plugins has been designed to automatically add audio fades at the beginning and end of a clip. Different durations range from 1 frame to 10 seconds.

So by just extending the outgoing audio component, audio fades between clips in the primary and secondary storyline can be achieved with a few clicks.

To install the plugins, drag the contents of the folder into the Effects Presets folder in the Library as shown. The plugins will not work if the folder is dragged in, they will show up in FCPX but not work.

Follow the path Users/Yourusername/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Effects Presets

If you cannot see the Library, hold down the ALT key whilst looking in the GO menu.

One note of caution. As these are levels presets, any audio level changes or keyframes will be removed when these fades are applied. So apply the fades first!

This plugin has been made free to download for the FCPX community, however please read the copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new effects.

audio fades path fcpx



XEffects 3D Sale Price

Free 3D Title Plugin for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

XEffects 3D Sale Price is a free plugin consisting of a customisable oval plinth with 3D text on either side. Six end positions and four rotation choices are available from dropdown menus.

Ideal for sales commercials, in-store promos or any production where you have to show a price or information. You can use any text, any font and any material. Resize the letters and position them anywhere on the faces of the rotating plinth.

The plinth is also customisable, use different colours for front and back. Even use different materials such as chrome and wood.

This plugin has been made free to download for the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new effects.



XEffects 3D Text Wraps

8 Free 3D Title Plugins for Final Cut Pro X FCPX

XEffects 3D Text Wraps are a set of 8 free title plugins for Final Cut Pro X that let you wrap any image around 3D text.

We have taken the 8 3D titles supplied with FCPX from Apple and added a drop zone to each. Add a custom image to wrap around the text and then use their built-in animations.

We have also published the XYZ position and rotation controls for each plugin in the inspector. This means the position of the animating text can be changed over time or the midway point positioned accurately.

These plugins have been made free to download for the FCPX community, however please read the installation instructions and copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new effects.



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